IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation)
Where patients would like to combine Homeopathic treatment with IVF, establishment of regular periods will increase the chances of IVF.Medical literature suggests that AMH test and ovarian follicle scan combined will give a reasonable indication for egg quality. If  treatment succeeds to improve AMH and Ovarian Follicle Counts, it is highly likely to impact on egg quality positively. Better egg quality is of course vital for better chances of success with IVF. Antral ovarian follicle counts ,along with age,the case history and certain hormones, are  the best tools for estimating ovarian reserve, the expected response to ovarian stimulating drugs, and the chance for successful pregnancy with in vitro fertilization.
The route of egg freezing may be easier considered, according to individual circumstances,when AMH and FSH values are restored at satisfactory levels.An egg freezing clinic will wish to determine the likely quality of one’s eggs by looking at age, AMH, results from antral follicle scan etc. prior to egg freezing. So,regardless of the procedural protocol, one would wish to freeze the highest quality eggs possible
IVF failure is generally attributed to weakness in the embryo that leads to failed implantation. On average, only about 25% of transferred embryos continue to develop and become live births. The success rate for the implanting of embryos reduces as a women ages.The conventional  approach to get a sperm cell into an egg to develop an embryo and putting it back into the uterus in the hope that it will implant  has proved unsatisfactory.
The basic Homeopathic  working principle is to improve first the quality of the reproductive system . This principle has helped many patients to achieve live births after failed IVF attempts.Homeopathic treatment  targets to get women more prepared before they start another cycle of IVF. Retests of hormones often show lower FSH and higher AMH and, combined with an improved appearance of ovarian follicle count, suggest  a better egg quality.
Upgrading of the quality of both eggs and sperm cells is certainly a main target of Fertility Homeopathic treatment as well as the physiological conditions  at the time and site of embryo implantation