Dr Tasos Vartholomaios has  high level credentials relevant to Integrative Homeopathic applications in various health conditions and disorders.His Homoeopathic treatment of Chronic Diseases integrates all appropriate and necessary data from the conventional pathology of these diseases,which he may evaluate in the best way as Consultant Pathologist with  many years clinical experience in the State Health System.
He is holder of the Diploma  (DIHom) and the Postgraduate Diploma (HMD) in Homeopathic Medicine of the British Institute of Homoeopathy in the UK(FBIH).He is  Member of The Faculty of Homoeopathy(MFHom),which has been  statutorily recognized title of Homeopathic education  for Medical Doctors and other Health Professionals   in the UK and perhaps the most renowned , throughout the European Union and worldwide, evidence of high level qualifcation in Homeopathy for Medical Doctors.He is also  Member of the European Committeee of Homeopathy and the International LIGA of Homeopathic Medicine .
He had  also  extensive and complete training in Herbal Medicine/Phytotherapy (Specially Structured Diploma Course) at the School  of Phytotherapy, UK,so that he may efficiently employ the best of Herbal Medicine knowledge  in his Integrative Homeopathic Prescribing.
Dr Tasos AV  has clinical  homeopathic work with international recognition. His practice and methodology reflect the modern scientific face of Homeopathy. He has essentially developed new perspectives in It through an holistic systemic perception of the medical data , so that they me be appropriately assimilated for homeopathic therapeutic applications..He has practised Homeopathic Medicine   more than 30 (thirty) years in Greece and UK.He has been awarded the of "Irene Bahá" Prize  by the Hellenic(Greek) Society of Homeopathic Medicine.He has been Signator,along certain renowned celebrities,like Peter Ustinof and Yehudi Menuhin, to a Letter of Appeal before the Scottish Parliament for the establishment of a Teaching Hospital of Natural Medicine.