In all diseases, the homeopathic prescription is formulated based on clinically oriented Homeopathy and the cognitive content of the medical specialty of Dr. Tasos Vartholomeos, which plays an important role in planning the medical treatment of cancer. This specialty primarily deals with the basic aspects of all diseases, from how they develop to the diagnosis and identification of all their characteristics, which determine their appropriate treatment. The contribution of the Medical Specialty of Dr. Tasos Vartholomeos to the treatment of CANCER with early diagnosis, identification of causes and of the pathogenesis of cancer in each patient, the prognosis and the indicated therapeutic approach Homeopathic medicine is codified pharmacological information that is therapeutically matched to a specific clinicopathological condition. Based on contemporary knowledge, Homeopathy is a high-level Informatics Medicine, which utilizes Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology and Toxicology in the best possible way, until today. This does not mean that it is a panacea, but that it absolutely deserves its praise in the context of Classical Western Medicine, especially when it utilizes its rich Pharmacology in Diseases and Disorders. Medically oriented Homeopathy, "for the DISEASE and the patient", is the pre-eminent therapeutic which is aligned and inextricably linked with Medical Physiology, Pathological Physiology and Pathology, as they are taught in Medical Schools and as they should be are the foundation of all medical applications. With this basis, he uses a thorough Pharmacology, with drugs that act selectively, each one, on specific organs, tissues, cells and on specific functional processes. This Pharmacology has already proven its value at the level not only in Primary Health but also in Secondary Health, i.e. in State Hospitals in many countries of the world from the end of the 19th century until today. Based on this scientific logic, it can coexist with any other scientifically documented medical procedure and is, in fact, a valuable component of Classical Western Medicine. The incidence of cancer is increasing progressively and in increasingly aggressive forms. Death rates have not changed in decades for most cancers. In addition, a large percentage of cancer patients suffer from serious side effects of their treatment. The perception that cancer cells are the exclusive "evil" that must be removed and/or destroyed has led to many misconceptions, dead ends and suffering. According to modern Physiology and Biology, cancer cells are not the only and exclusive problem. The bad microenvironment of the cells or otherwise the pathology of the extracellular substance of the tissues decisively encourages the growth of cancer cells. Neoplastic cells are an important component of the entire carcinogenesis process, but not the exclusive tissue damage where the carcinogenesis process develops. Thus, any comprehensive treatment should treat not only the cancer cells, but definitely also the conditions that caused the disease and indeed without harming the health of the organism as a whole. Clinically oriented Homeopathic Pharmacology has the ability to target all the mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis and progression of chronic diseases and to significantly and positively affect the prognosis and course of the disease and the overall health of the patient.

Dr. Tasos Vartholomeos has developed especially this chapter of Homeopathic Pharmacology, applying Homeopathy alongside any conventional Oncology treatment (surgical, pharmaceutical, etc.) the patients are already following. In any case, a thorough study of both the Laboratory tests and the complete history is done for investigation and clarification of the causes and pathogenesis of the development of the Chronic Disease in each individual case. As a HISTOPATHOLOGIST (PATHOLOGIST), Dr. Tasos Vartholomeos can also give you his advice on the HISTOLOGICAL (PATHOLOGICAL) EXAMINATIONS that have been carried out, in combination with the Clinical Medical and Homeopathic history and the other Clinic