The first homeopathic consultation involves the present and past medical history, the physical and mental health,previous health investigations and  any current or previous treatments. .During  follow up appointments, it is assessed how you are getting on with the homeopathic remedies prescribed, the progress you have made according to homeopathic principles and any indicated extension of the homeopathic case taking is added and included. Further homeopathic medication is prescribed for you based on this evaluation.The whole process is about reviewing , re-formulating and proceeding the planned homeopathic treatment.
If you are interested in reimbursement from your health insurance provider ,you should check your  health insurance policy  before you make an appointment. I will be happy to provide you with a receipt, so that you might claim any possible reimbursement directly from your insurance provider
Before booking a Consultation  you may also read my  professional principles  for my Homeopathic  Services, as below, so that  all the time of the Consultation might be devoted to collecting in due detail the health information required for a well planned and effective prescribing on your Case:
My Homeopathic treatment is administered as a Complementary Medicine service , not claiming that it may replace or substitute  any treatment provided or advised by your conventional GP or medical specialists, with the aim of being part of an integrative approach to your healthcare when conventional treatment is indicated,already provided or advised.
Though my treatment policy is to direct my patients to the GP or the competent medical specialist whenever I detect  any indication for conventional investigation and/or treatment, my Homeopathic services do not include any obligation from my part to give opinion,advise or make recommendations for any conventional intervention objectively required or even possibly indicated
Though all patients,when they ask me, are updated- and have the right to be udated -on the most possible expected results of  my homeopathic treatment, according to my clinical experience in similar cases to their own and according to the relevant Homeopathic and Medical literature,no promise,of any kind, for cure or even for amelioration of health problems and/or diseases is given for any case homeopathically treated by me.Also no promise for the the indicated duration of my Homeopathic treatment is given,though a basic frame of follow-appointments is usually planned.
Acute health conditions ,acute diseases and emergencies are not covered by and are not included in my Homeopathic services.In these conditions you have to rely absolutely on your GP and/or your Specialist Medical Doctor.Homeopathic treatment should also be stopped during hospitalization for any reason and after hospitalization till full rehabilitation has been established.
Homeopathic treatment is administered only on the basis that the patient ubderstands that homeopathic remedies are deprived of any possible side effects, after he/she has been accordingly informed and updated.
I recommend that you maintain your relationship with your GP and/or Medical Specialist . Even minor symptoms can be a sign of a more serious underlying condition, and a timely diagnosis by your conventional doctor may reduce the likelihood of more severe problems .